Waking up for backup

I have a small office where I want to make use of Duplicati at the end of the working day.

Ideally two PCs both with Duplicati installed copy their data to a third across SMB shares on the LAN. (Probably add OneDrive to the mix at some point)

Now the trick here is that not everyone comes in to work every day. So one, two or all three of these PCs may be asleep or shutdown.

When using Duplicati I see it has a scheduler. So I’ll set the backups for 6pm.

Does this scheduler user the OS Task Manager and will it wake up the (Windows) PC?

Or do I need to setup a separate script to Wake the PC(s) and send WOL packets out?

I have been used to Crashplan for so many years it is funny to see how many tricks that had up its sleeve. Even if it was using that bloated memory hogging Java.

No, it doesn’t. It uses it’s own scheduler.

If wake timers are enabled on the system then you could schedule it using the Windows Task manager. Simply extract the job as a command line and schedule it. Or you can WOL if your network and PCs support magic packets.