Wake-up for scheduled backup (Mac install)

I am used to other backup programs waking up my computer automatically for scheduled backups.
How can I accomplish the same with Duplicati, specifically on a Mac computer? Ideally I only want to wakeup the computer without turning on the screen (like Crashplan does). Setting up a timer in Energy Pref seems to be pretty cumbersome plus you can set only one wakeup time.

Related to this, should I turn on “Pause after startup or hibernation for a few seconds” to allow that my network backup destination location is properly mounted by the time I want to backup to?

Hi @Monstergerm, welcome to the forum!

At the moment I’m not aware of any built in functionality in Duplicati to wake a computer of any type, so you’re pretty much stuck using a built in OS function (like the Energy Pref you mentioned) or a third party tool. (Hopefully some other users will read this and may have some suggestions of tools they’ve used.)

Because scheduling two different tools to work well together can be a pain, you might be better off using a tool that allows you make a command line call for your Duplicati backup.

What is the reason you’re wanting a scheduled wake-up / backup?

Also, keep in mind that the destination has to be online when the backup is scheduled as well (obviously less of an issue if using local storage). If it’s local LAN storage on a server, you might be able to use a wake-on-LAN call from the server to cause the client to turn on.

As far as the “Pause after startup” question, that really depends on your own needs and system. On one of my systems I have it set to wait 15 min. (it’s an old box) while on another I don’t have a delay at all.

thank you for your reply.
The main reason for scheduled wake-up/backup is that backups use system resources and internet bandwidth. Therefore I like to schedule them at off times like at night. Also, my computer is at sleep at random times during the day, so I could miss many scheduled backups if they get triggered while the computer is sleeping.

Command line calls are kind of too difficult if you have to manage several family member computers.

I am not sure how other backup software handles this wakeup call. Crashplan is really good with this, it wakes up the computer but keeps the screen off.