Vss error 8194 access denied

Hi all,

I’m running duplicati latest in windows pro 10 build 16299.
I have duplicati installed as a service that runs under “local system”.
Backup snapshot setting to on.
Vssadmin list writers do not show any errors.
When starting a backup i’m getting error 8194 in app event log. (0x80070005 access denied)
I tried adding nt authority/system to:
and checked com+ settings. All these proposed solution do not solve the issue for me.
Uninstalled duplicati and reinstalled. I have installed visual c+2008/2010/2012/2013/2015/2017
But it does not matter. I’d really like to be able to backup open files.
Does duplicati use the system writer? Or does it install it’s own writer. If so what is it called, because vssadmin list writers do not show any third party writers.

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Sry, got it.
I had to add network service to com+

And i found this is pure a cosmetic error. It does not have any influence to your backup.
I was trying to solve another problem, and figured this was related. I’ll post my actual problem in a new post unable to find hidden appdata folder" when running as a service.

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