Visual C++ 2015 64bit or 32bit Version?

I understand that to use Snapshots I need to install Visual C++ 2015 redist, if I am running a 64 bit version of Windows do I just need to install the 64bit version of Visual C++ 2015 redist or do I need to install the 32bit version or do I need to install both?

Thanks in advance!

64 bit probably, it’ll need to match whichever version of Duplicati you installed. The default Duplicati download for Windows is 64 bit, so I’d start there. If it doesn’t work and you need to install 32 bit as well it won’t hurt anything.

Yes I have been installing both versions on clients PC’s just in case but just wondering if I have installed the 64bit version whether I do need to install both.

If you’re talking about a specific machine on which you’ve installed neither, it would be great if you’d be willing to test installing JUST the 64 bit version and see if that is enough for snapshots to work for you.

And if that doesn’t work, then put on the 32 bit and it’ll be just like you did a “just in case” install. :slight_smile:

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The Duplicati version on the download page has two MSI files, simply because of the way the MSI system works. It refuses to install anything in Program Files (x86) if the installer is for 64bit and also refuses to use the 64bit folder if the installer is for 32bit. This is a design choice inside MSI that makes it impossible to have a universal installer.

The files inside the MSI are exactly the same, the only difference is what folder it installs them in. Actually, the files inside the MSI are simply a copy of the files inside the zip version.

The files themselves will run on whatever architecture your machine has, so most likely that will be 64bit. As the process is running 64bit, it will only be able to load 64bit dll’s, so you need only those installed.

(As a side note, maybe we should drop 32 bit installers, as close to no-one will need those, and those few people can just use the zip instead).

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Yeah, that makes sense - anybody running on 32 bit at this point will probably have to know what they’re doing just to keep things running. :slight_smile:

I say if it simplifies your life go ahead and kill it and we can add a #howto for dealing with 32 bit systems.

Right now it is set up with building 32bit installers, so it would be more work to change it :slight_smile:

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Please leave 32-bit installers.

I have Windows 7 32-bit. That was the license I originally got, and i’ve upgraded all the hardware around it.
Of course, I could be the exception :slight_smile:

One should try to avoid ignoring exceptional people - so between your exceptionally impassioned plea and kenkendk admitting to more work taking it out than leaving it, I now see the wisdom of leaving 32 bit in. :smiley:

(Note that if 32 bit installer support was removed you would still be able to use, and I believe update, Duplicati - it would just be that a fresh install would be more involved in having to use the zip file.)

Yes, and that extra work is just extracting the zip file to C:\Program Files\Duplicati compared to pressing next in the MSI wizard :slight_smile:

Oh, look - kenkendk appears to have already written the zip install / update #howto. :smiley:

…except for placing an icon on the desktop, creating a shortcut to the tray app in the startup folder, explaining how to write to the Program files folder with UAC enabled… :wink:
I guess we indeed need a #howto article as soon a 32 bit installer isn’t available anymore.

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