Very Slow Backup

Good morning, I’m using Duplicati for the first time, and I think something is not right.
To do a 420mb ftp backup took more than 9 hours.
Duplicati is mounted on a hp proliant dl380 g5 with Windows Server 2012 R2.
Someone can help me?
Thank you

I’m no expert but you could start with trying to find out what part is slow.

  • the upload processes? Try to connect to ftp directly and see what speed you get.
  • check cpu usage to see if compression/encryption is causing an issue.
  • check log files to see if something shows up that could help find the cause.

The same backup with filezilla took 45 minutes.
The CPU is around 30% of use and memory at 19%

Don’t forget that Duplicati only uses 1 core, but it could be due to compression.

What you could do is try testing it with zip compression (advanced option) set to 1 (or even 0) and without encryption.


Unlike FileZilla, Duplicati works with file blocks so there is overhead associated with chopping files up and tracking what blocks are where. On the flip side, all that block handling that Duplicati does means that future changes-only backups will likely be faster than a FileZilla based backup (especially if you have small changes in large files).

Also, at present Duplicati only uploads one file at a time while I believe FileZilla can transfer multiple files at once. There is work being done to add multi-threaded uploads to Duplicati, but there’s no timeline for it yet.

If you have a very large size and/or count of files this could be part of the issue. If @Niels_Hoogenhout’s compression level suggestion doesn’t speed thing up enough you might want to try creating a temp/test backup job that works on a smaller set (or size) of files and see how performance compares there.