Very Slow Backup to B2

I’m having some serious performance issues on a new installation and wondering if I’ve missed something important, so any help would be very much appreciated.

macOS 10.13.6

Backup Set is on a Synology NAS mapped to the mac via SMB. Duplicati runs on the mac, not Synology. Total size 604 GB.

B2 speed test reports 8.8 Mbps (1126 KBps) upload speed @ 110ms latency.

Uploading a file via the B2 site gives me only 184 KBps, so very similar. (142 MB file, 790 seconds).

Duplicati top speed so far has been 165 KBps and at the moment is at 5.95 KBps. dBlock (think I have that right) is set to 100MB.

I don’t expect this is actually a Duplicati issue since the file copy is the same speed, but I can’t figure out why the B2 speedtest is so different. I realize the test is probably multi-threaded and the copy is single, but a backup running at 165 KB is not much use, and I would expect more from a single thread.


Well that is less than 2 Gbytes per day which is a lot slower than I am getting (up to 36 Gbytes per day) on a b2 backup from my drobo NAS mapped to a SBC via SMB. Duplicati is running on the SBC.

The speed tests suggests you have a theoretical limit uploading of 95 Gbytes per day, so you are only getting 2% of that. I think you will have to do some diagnostics on your setup before you can fix what ails you.

Try running the command line client and piping the output to a file. I timestamp the output by tailing the last line of the command output to a different file at 10 second intervals and interspersing with a timestamp so I can see what and when something might have gone wrong.



My transfer rates:

root@orangepizero:~# vnstat -d -ru

eth0 / daily

     day         rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate
 10/07/2018    28.46 GiB |  768.02 MiB |   29.21 GiB |   354.56 KiB/s
 10/08/2018   108.92 GiB |   14.42 GiB |  123.34 GiB |     1.46 MiB/s
 10/09/2018    71.96 GiB |   25.06 GiB |   97.02 GiB |     1.15 MiB/s
 10/10/2018    53.89 GiB |   36.05 GiB |   89.94 GiB |     1.07 MiB/s
 10/11/2018    36.17 GiB |   32.47 GiB |   68.63 GiB |   832.97 KiB/s
 10/12/2018    31.50 GiB |   30.87 GiB |   62.36 GiB |   756.88 KiB/s
 10/13/2018    16.65 GiB |   14.06 GiB |   30.72 GiB |   804.44 KiB/s
 estimated     35.95 GiB |   30.36 GiB |   66.31 GiB |

Try testing with a larger file/files maybe?