Using the latest beta docker on Debain, and unable to find a way to mount SMB as Destination for backup

Hello! And first of all thanks a lot for making this tool, it has saved my data multiple times while I HDD failures. But recently I started looking into backing it up to my Windows machine, but unable to find the SMB protocol as destination for backup, so I did using FTP, but if I had SMB it would be much easier.

Hello fedonr and welcome to the forum!

If you are using SMB, then presumably the network share would be mounted on the host OS (the one on which you’re running Docker) and you would either pass that mount point through to the container, or you could potentially mount the SMB share directly inside the container (Although this seems like a bad idea since it would create a non-default configuration in the container that would be lost after container upgrade unless you did some other special things)

So, in summary, there isn’t a SMB destination protocol. You would use “Local folder or drive”.


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The SMB protocol was an idea that was never attempted. As said, you can use local disk. However my feeling is that its apparent simplicity is not what it seems. Duplicati is really primarily a network backup and the local backup has more pitfalls (reliability, rights) that the network backends like Ftp (or Sftp that you can use with all recent Windows versions and is more secure than Ftp).

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