Using Duplication is easy, donation is hard

i am am exited about your work. I would like to send you a donation in bitcoin. But your bitcoin link doesn’t show me your bitcoinaddress, unless i install some addin.
I have no idea what addin i need. (using firefox).
Cheers, Robert

Hi @Arbyter and welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I’m happy to hear you’re interested in Duplicati but unfortunately I don’t know anything about the donation side of things. I agree that an additional addon should not be necessary to do a bitcoin transaction so I’ve passed this on to somebody who should know what’s going on with that side of things.

The bitcoin address is 1Lfzs4EQBtjqQyARfxW1vH5JMRaz7tVCir


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The idea is that your wallet software (whatever you use) should install a URL handler that takes bitcoin:// and treats it like an address, but I have tried a few wallets, and none of them do that.

As @tophee mentions, you can see it in the tooltip, and your browser should show it in the address bar after clicking it.

For a better solution, we are making a common donation page that clearly shows the addresses and adds a few more crypto-currencies. The idea is then that the web-UI will just link to this page instead of having the addresses embedded in the web-UI.