Using B2, is there any way to move the"Folder Path" of a job?

This is probably more about B2, but I figured there are a lot of B2 users here.

I just got started with Duplicati today, I’m using Backblaze’s B2 service. When I setup my first job, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the Folder Path on the destination and now I would like to change it.

So two questions

  1. If I could somehow get B2 to move/rename the files duplicati has created, I think duplicati would be fine with a new path, right?

  2. Has anyone done this without downloading and re-uploading the files from B2?

Hi @kbyrd, welcome to the Duplicati forum!

Moving destination files (between folders or even providers) should cause no problem at all as long as your backup job is pointed to the new destination.

I know many people have moved between providers and I have moved between folders (though not on B2) without issues.

Thanks for the quick reply. Ok, so hopefully someone here has figured out how to do this all server side with B2. Looking at their docs, I don’t see anything obvious, so I’m not very hopeful.

As far as I can tell it’s not possible (at least without using some sort of command-line options remotely, which I don’t know how to do and don’t know the syntax for). When I realized my initial B2 folder structure was bad, I just wiped and started over. Luckily I realized it fairly early on.

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I filed a ticket with B2 support, and the initial response told me:

You can do this by renaming filepath in the file itself. You can refer to our File documentation here: Files

But, reading that document tells me that:

  • In a bucker, there is no hierarchy of folders, just one long, flat list of file names
  • A filename cannot be changed once created

I replied looking for clarification, and I haven’t heard back (probably because of the holiday in the US). In the meantime, I decided to just create a new buck and sync things to the folder name I wanted using rclone on a VPS I have with good bandwidth. In case others come looking for it, here is the command line I used:
rclone -vv --fast-list --transfers 16 sync remote-b2:<bucket1>/<path1> remote-b2:<bucket2>/<path2>

I got about ~275Mbps copying ~25GB during the rclone operation

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Thanks for sharing what worked for you!

I went ahead and flagged your post as the solution to help highlight it for others - please let me know if you disagree.