User interface settings are not saved in Firefox

I have small but annoying glitch on my instance of Duplicati (version on Windows 10 21H2; Firefox 112.0 b4bit). “User interface settings” of Duplicati Web Interface are still forgotten. When I set it and click on “OK” new settings (language and display and color theme) are applied correctly and remembered till I close Firefox. After restarting it “User interface settings” come back to old values. On other webbrowsers (Opera, Chrome) such problem does not occur.
I thought that it could be done by some Firefox add-ons, but starting Firefox in Safe-Mode does not help.
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Make sure you’re not clearing cookies at exit in Settings → Privacy & Security → History or Cookies and Site Data, where Manage Data at browser start should be nice and full, including entry for Duplicati host.

If you prefer you can also go to Settings page, press F12 for Web Developer Tools, pick Storage from the top bar, then Cookies for your Duplicati host, and play with those (including restarting and looking again).

ui-locale and current-theme are the cookies for the UI settings. If they disappear, it goes to default…

Firefox 112.0.1 addresses a major cookies issue may be relevant, although maybe your issue was config. Regardless, check your cookies…

@ts678 Your first supposition was a hit. My Firefox was configured to clear cookies at exit. When I disable it Duplicati WebUI starts to remember UI preferences.
Thank you for help

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