Use remote storage mounted by Duplicati

Duplicati is very interesting because it supports several remote storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive, …).

I would like to know if a custom script running on Linux server can access (write/read/delete/append) remote storage mounted by Duplicati.

Thanks for your help.

Duplicati can run script before and after the perform of backup job. The script has (of course) the privileges of Duplicati process. Duplicati can’t mount anything.

Thanks @xblitz

Does this mean that custom script cannot access the remote storage to write/read/delete/append data?

Well, you can mount the remote directory in the script and perform every operation but duplicati don’t provide any “entry point”.

You can perform operatons on the backup set via duplicati CLI utilities but you must log in for any operation (see documentation).

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Come to think of it, maybe I’m trying to use Duplicati as a remote storage provider! :slight_smile: I recently invested some time mounting a remote share from a couple of cloud storage providers to the local filesystem. I was wondering if Duplicati could be exploited for this … but as far as I understand it works differently than I thought. Thank you very much for the clarification.

Yep! duplicati is a very good backup solution but it was intended as client side application*. Surely with scripts, crontab and the power of mount command you can reach your goal but IMHO this is “bloatware”.

*For example: I run duplicati on my PC and on my laptop. I use my NAS as repository for my backup - in my NAS duplicati insn’t installed: I provide the access to a directory of file system via ftp. Finally on my laptop, I use a little python script in order to perform the backup only when my laptop is connected to my wireless and my NAS is online.

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