Use rclone for optional multi-threaded upload & sync of plain files?

I currently use a combination of Duplicati and rclone:

I’m fine with having Duplicati split most of my data into chunks and have them stored in the cloud. However, some files and folder I do need to access in the cloud from time to time.

That’s why I also use rclone to make additional cloud copies of select files/folders, so that I can access those files als “plain files” directly through a web browser.

Wouldn’t it be possible to add a similar functionality to Duplicati as well, so that I can streamline my process down to a single tool?

Some cloud storage APIs (like Google Drive for example) allow for multi-threaded and resumable uploads. Maybe that might be a way to implement a feature like this?

EDIT: Just noticed that “rclone” is a listed as a supported backend. Would it be possible to somehow integrate rclone into the Duplicati frontend to sync select files and folders as plain files? That way you could use Dublicati to make to regular backups, but also be able to access a small number of files through the web interface of the cloud storage provider as well.

While it’s certainly possible to do I believe it falls far outside the scope of Duplicati. Copying files to your cloud for viewing on the cloud turns it into a sync tool, which Duplicati is not.

A lot of code would have to be added both to the frontend and to the core logic to support this use-case and it would all clash with the original block-based strategy since it has little in common beyond a shared backend.

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