Use Duplicati on Raspberry Pi to backup a local NAS to cloud

Hello all.
My goal is to use my Raspberry Pi to backup a folder from my NAS (local network) to Google Drive (cloud).
Previously I managed to run a backup task with Duplicati which was running on my PC (Windows 11) to my GDrive and it works.
However, now I would like this task to be done by my RPi which runs 24/24 7/7. I exported the configuration file from Duplicati PC version to Duplication Debian version on my RPi.
Executing the task does not work because it tells me that the absolute path \NASlocalIP\MyFolder is not found. Like my RPI can’t browse my local network.
I’m lost.

is it really



 \\NASlocalIP ?

well, can it do so ? from the command line, outside of Duplicati ?

Windows and Linux paths are not compatible. Windows has the convenience of network paths, but Duplicati does not support this on linux. You need to mount the NAS to a path on the raspberry (there are probably tutorials about that), and then edit the backup source to that new path. You also need to create a new target folder as well, because the existing files will not be known to the raspberry backup.

I all try, even \NASlocalIP or //NASlocalIP.

Yes i can browse on my local NAS through SMBClient

smbclient //NASlocalIP/MyForder

You are using SMB software. Duplicati has no SMB built in. It uses the operating system for SMB. Windows does that using the double backslash prefix, and beyond that it’s a file. Not so for Linux.
Some application programs might support a similar syntax, but you can use a mount for Duplicati.

Linux is not Windows.

smbclient(1) - Linux man page

smbclient - ftp-like client to access SMB/CIFS resources on servers

This tool is part of the samba(7) suite.

samba(7) - Linux man page

The Samba software suite is a collection of programs that implements the Server Message Block (commonly abbreviated as SMB) protocol for UNIX systems.

For your path not found problem, can you, without help from Samba, just ls it from a shell prompt?
If it can’t be reached without doing SMB mount, then the same applies to Duplicati and many more.

You have other problems in store too. You can probably edit the export to change the paths around.
Point them to wherever you decided to mount the NAS. That’s probably good enough for new start. Continuing with previous backup is harder, as the backup itself has paths – all done Windows-style.
This can be probably be solved, but it’s pretty technical.

Thanks @Jojo-1000 and @ts678. I’m starting understanding…
I will try to add my folder on my NAS as a mounted shared disk on my RPi and reconfig my Duplicati task.
I will keep in touch and give my feedback if i solve this path problem.

If you have a simple source config, it’s probably easiest just to select Linux paths similar to Windows.
Editing the export is pretty easy unless it’s encrypted, but is probably only worth it for complex config.
As mentioned, reusing the old backup data is sort of tricky, but there are a couple of approaches to it.


Starting fresh avoids having to fight more, and if space allows, you can keep the Windows backup too.
Cross-OS restores are allowed (with some conditions, as location moved). Cross-OS backups are not.

I succeeded !
I mount my NAS as a virtual directory of my Raspberry Pi.
I followed theses indications here : Mount an SMB Share in Linux | Linode Docs
Don’t forget to force auto-mount at the boot by editing file /etc/fstab.

It has been working perfectly for 1 month now.