Upload speed Task Manager VS Duplicati 'Status bar'

I noticed the speed Duplicati shows on the ‘status bar’ is way lower than what my taskmanager says.

I am averging 70mb/s upload, while Duplicati shows about 6 mb/s average.

The uploads pause for about 10 seconds every 50 seconds. Why is this?

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In my experience, the status bar throughput indicator seems to be the average across the entire backup operation meaning it is the “effective upload rate across the Duplicati backup operation” vs the “current instantaneous transfer rate of the backup”.

So, for instance, all of the time Duplicati spends looking for deduplication savings is part of the time component of what the status bar shows, but obviously there is no data transfer happening during that time.

To be clear, this is just a guess based on what I’ve seen. I am no expert, nor have I played one on television.

Note that CrashPlan does something similar. Although Crashplan’s method seems to be the opposite and geared to make itself look better. It uses the size of the data before deduplication/compression when it calculates MB/transfer time and so you get an inflated transfer throughput.

To add to the prior explanation, it can take awhile to find enough blocks to fill a 50 MB remote volume. When a volume is ready to go, it gets in line, but it sounds like your sending is outpacing your filling…

If you like, you can look in your temporary folder to see if there’s a backlog of 50 MB dup- files (or not).
During long periods of having no changes to upload, you’ll probably see the (average) speed go down.

How the backup process works

For a not-very-presentable internal view, look in About → System info line lastPgEvent for statistics…

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Task Manager is showing Mega BITS per second while the status bar in Duplicati is showing Mega BYTES per second. Task Manager’s raw value should be 8x what Duplicati shows, assuming the same time sample. I’m guessing Duplicati also uses a different time sample which further skews the number.

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