Upload Limits to Cloud Backup

Hello there,
I am just starting to setup a new backup using B2 Cloud as the target. I am trying to see how cheap I can actually be. So B2 looks like it allows for 10GB of storage to be uploaded a day for free, I have a relatively small backup of around 200GB which I am not super concerned about getting uploaded immediately, mainly because this is the offsite backup of my backup.

Anyway, I was wonder if there was a way to control what gets backed up every day. Like can I set it to only upload 10GB a day?

Right now I have a hard cap set on B2 so the server should throw an error when it hits 10GB every day, but I am a little worried about how Duplicati will handle that. Will it just restart the next day and start where it left off? Will it corrupt the file that fails uploading?

Any clarity on this would be appreciated.

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I think 10 GB refers to storage, and if you see the term “Daily Storage Caps”, it might refer to this:

B2 Pricing

How much data you have stored with Backblaze B2. This is calculated once a day based on the average storage of the previous 24 hours.
The first 10 GB of storage is free.

No, but it’s not an upload limit, it’s current storage, AFAIK. BTW uploads are free (downloads aren’t).

If it throws an error, Duplicati will retry, but the default retry values won’t likely get you to the next day.


--number-of-retries = 5


--retry-delay = 10s

I wouldn’t suggest intentionally provoking failures. There are bugs (some filed, some yet to be filed).

–quota-size might be able to cap your storage use more gracefully. Duplicati issues warnings/errors.

would probably also say IQuotaEnabledBackend if Duplicati developers thought it always sent quota.

Thanks for the response! The B2 site is a little unclear about that. When I went to the Caps and Alerts the first item is “Daily Storage Cap” and it says first 10GB are free. So I think you can upload 10GB a day for free?

But I think you are right it’s risky letting it error out every day when I have it set to auto backup every 24hours. Their pricing is actually much lower than I thought for that too. I set the cap to $2 and if I am not mistaken it says I can upload 12TB now. So I think it’s a non issue.

I will look into the Quota option though, because this seems like something I might need in the future. Especially with some ISP’s having data caps etc.

I disagree, but you could ask them. There has to be some limit on free storage. Here are other points:

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

The first 10 GB of storage is free.

B2 Cloud Storage - Calculator

Free first 10 GB of storage, free 1 GB of daily downloads, or $.004/10,000 class B Transactions and $.004/1,000 Class C Transactions.

I think you can upload whatever you like for free, but leaving it there may gather daily storage charges.

Nope. They bill monthly for how much data you have stored on their service. What they are saying is they won’t charge you if that total amount is under 10GB.