Upgrade without internet?

Hi, I have searched this forum but cannot find how to upgrade a machine without internet connection.

Currently installed on the target machine is & I wish to try out latest beta

Is it possible to download an update, transfer it to the target machine & then update it remotely from the web UI?

Alternatively, if I have to execute an installer/exe on the target machine, what would I download & how to install without damaging or losing the existing setup?


For reference: Target Machine is Win 10.

You can download the newest installer and install it on top of the existing install. This will upgrade the version without affecting your configuration.

If you’ve installed it as a service previously you must make sure to do it again but otherwise it’s fairly straight forward.

It’s always a good idea to make a copy of the databases before doing an upgrade on an important system. You can see the location in the web interface.

Hi @steve-mc, welcome to the forum!

Pectojin’s process is a perfectly good way to update your base version, but if you want to more closely replicate using the Web UI update process you can:

  1. download the zip file version from the Releases · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub link
  2. Unzip it into a subfolder of your “updates” folder such as:
    a. ~/.config/Duplicati/updates/ for Linux user
    b. /root/.config/Duplicati/updates for Linux root
    c. C:\ProgramData\Duplicati\updates for Windows
  3. Check for updates on the web UI

That should recognise the new version and prompt you to activate it. (Otherwise it should get activated after a re-start.)

You night also want to read through the “how upgrades work” section of this #howto guide:
Downgrading / reverting to a lower version

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You can also copy the contents of the ZIP version over the existing installation.
Before doing that, stop any running Duplicati process and stop the Duplicati service (if installed as service).

Everyone who took the time to reply (can only do 2 mentions due to being new user) - thank you.

@JonMikelV - perfect - i suspected there was a way - this is good info

@kees-z - old skool but simple :slight_smile:

Thanks every one, much appreciated.

I will try to get it sorted & feedback how I did.

Good luck!

Note that I just realized I forgot to say that after unzipping into a subfolder you should make it named as only the version number (such as

Also, DEFINITELY back up your databases if might go back to as there are database changes between that versions that make a “normal” downgrade difficult.

Downgrading / reverting to a lower version discusses the sometimes difficult situation, but do we know if anything about methods shown here makes DB things worse than the usual downgrade challenge? Not arguing against DB backups for safety. Even if Duplicati does a backup, the original DB name gets lost.

As far as I know the biggest issue is when user backs up db, upgrades, does backups, then downgrades with original db. This causes unexpected files in the destination and prompts for repair.

Now if the repair has problems that brings up other issues…