Upgrade wiped out my Duplicati Config!

Duplicati just notified me of an upgrade to duplicati-

I tried to use the web GUI to download and install the upgrade but it didn’t seem to work.

So I downloaded the installer manually and ran it.

It upgraded just fine but when it came back up I no longer have any backup jobs! I did some searching on the forums and a few other users reporting similar behaviour but no one has any solutions.

Someone mentioned checking C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Duplicati doing that I see the following files:

backup 20181219064621.sqlite

The first two are tiny files (132KB) but the last one IXBAN… is 49MB. I’m wondering if the later file is my prior Duplicati database?

Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions on how to resolve this. I am contemplating trying to downgrade.

Since you see Duplicati database files in the systemprofile folder, I guess that you run Duplicati as a service.
Most likely is that the installation resulted in 2 running Duplicati server instances. and that you open the Duplicati Web UI using the system tray icon.

Do you see :8300 somewhere in your address bar?
If there’s a :8300, change it to :8200, that should show your existing jobs.

To fix it, stop the Duplicati service, check the properties of the Duplicati shortcut in your Windows startup folder and add --no-hosted-server to the properties of the shortcut. The start the Duplicati service again.

When I open duplicati it’s listening on :8200. No scheduled tasks though. :frowning:

Despite not seeing :8300 anywhere I did notice that if I stop the system tray icon and re-start the windows service I do see my old job. I checked the shortcut as you suggested and it didn’t have --no-hosted-server so I added that. That seems to have fixed things.

Thank you so much for the help!

Installing Duplicati on Windows has a couple of steps to be careful at, when running as a Windows service. “Launch Duplicati at startup” sets up the start-at-login launch of the Tray Icon (in normal style without --no-hosted-server), and the “Launch Duplicati now” at the end can do the same start then. Both tend to cause unexpected issues when they bump into the started-as-service Duplicati. Nicer service installer is still TBD.