Upgrade From Beta

I’m currently running Beta version as a service. I’m considering upgrading to v2.0.2.15- . The main feature I’m looking for is “Faster browsing of files to restore”.

Is it “safe” to upgrade:

  • Is 2.15 stable enough?
  • Can I upgrade in place without affecting my local backup configuration?
  • Any breaking changes or other upgrade issues in moving to another stream (beta => experimental/Canary)?
  • Can I just stop the service, install the MSI and restart the service?

I upgraded a few of my machines from to On the Windows machines I tried just running the installer for It appeared to remove the old version and install the new. However, it would not start correctly. Found out that when I did an upgrade over a required DLL was not installed. I ended up having to uninstall Duplicati manually then install again.

The backup configuration remained in-tact. And yes I am now able to browse files MUCH faster. I also like the new advanced retention policy feature.

No problems so far with…

Thanks for sharing your experience. I followed @kenkendk’s advice and changed the channel to Canary and then installed the update via the web interface. No issues on Windows 10 Home: config was good, no errors, and restore file browsing is super fast slow but usable.

Just a quick note - one potential issue with an downlad-and-install (unlike using the built in update) is that shortcuts (at least in Windows) are rebuilt from scratch.

This means that if you had any custom parameters (such as --no-hosted-server on the Tray Icon shortcut) you will have to manually re-add those.

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Yes, that can be an issue when re-installing the package.
For this reason, if the built-in updater doesn’t work, it’s better to overwrite the Duplicati program folder with the contents of the Zip file version, instead of using the installer.

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