Updating the hosted infrastructure

As part of the move to Duplicati Inc, I am currently moving resources from various places into a more maintainable setup.

Today I will move the test files used by the CI builds, and the update server(s).

If unexpected errors start to crop up, please comment in this thread.

It was just noticed that usage reporter counts took a dive right around then. Did server work do that?

I’ve also posted elsewhere that link-references from forum to GitHub don’t update issue. Intentional?

I think it looks relatively stable. There could be missed reports during the transition (appx 6h), but they are usually just posted later. The usage reporter was moved last week. Do you see a particular drop?

I have not touched anything related to that (not intentionally anyway).

I have been putting off moving the forum, but think I will move it in appx 24h.
If all goes smooth, it will just have a new IP.

I think it was caused by the token expiring or something similar; I have regenerated the token.

Trying again with a link

EDIT: Yay! it works again.

55% drop last week (roughly). I expect a drop in any current incomplete week, but why one a week earlier?

I think it is just lagging a bit: