Update on NAS WD EX2 failed


I am trying to update my WD EX2 from to but nothing is really happening. Checking the logs I get this :

System.IO.IOException: Disk full. Path /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/duplicati/package/temp/1b699d9d-6b38-4288-994a-36420874c87d/MonoMac.dll" or "/var/packages/mono/target/var/Duplicati/updates/
at System.IO.File.Copy (System.String sourceFileName, System.String destFileName, System.Boolean overwrite) [0x00192] in <3dcf9316dba4453a820240d6906f865c>:0
at System.IO.File.Copy (System.String sourceFileName, System.String destFileName) [0x00000] in <3dcf9316dba4453a820240d6906f865c>:0
at Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.DownloadAndUnpackUpdate (Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdateInfo version, System.Action`1[T] progress) [0x00470] in <8219ae78a1274da09efe963fb7d8b03a>:0

sorry I am a total newbie in here so go easy on me :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Looks like you may be low on disk space. Can you confirm?

Also, I notice it’s been 2 years since you last updated your Canary version. We do appreciate people who are willing to test bleeding edge Canary versions, but if you are only doing infrequent updates you may want to switch to the Beta channel. Just a thought!

Also, another thing to keep in mind: The Duplicati 2.0.5.x releases require Mono 5.x or higher. Please make sure your Mono version is updated.

Thank you for the very quick answer !

My disk has 1.8TB left so don’t think it’s that full.

I have just installed Duplicati from this page


I did not know I was that late for the update, and if all goes well, I intend to keep up in the future…

As for Mono, sorry I don’t even know what you are talking about, sorry very much of a tech guy…

I’m not familiar with your storage device… the main data volume may have 1.8TB free space but it looks like another volume (where /tmp is located) is out of space. You may need to get help from a WD support community on resolving that, unless someone else here is familiar with the hardware…

It’s a required component for Duplicati to run. If you don’t recall installing it manually, maybe it’s included in the Duplicati package you downloaded.