Update of "beta" version from


I’m using - what appears to be the current beta build from august - and running into an issue where the file recovery UI is very slow to list files and directories, which was apparently fixed around Oct/November.

When I try to download the latest “beta” version, or check for updates, there are none.

At the same time, I don’t have separate backups of this to experiment with the canary/experimental builds.

Is there a release date for a “beta” version that incorporates those fixes? Or am I simply overlooking it somehow?



There is no new beta. You can move to the latest experimental, it looks stable to me.


My plan is to release the next beta tomorrow.


Thank you. I’ll have to see if I want to wait for the docker module to be updated, or if I can get the update to “keep” on the image. Looking forward to it.


I now build new Docker images as part of the release, so if you are using these, they will be updated when a new version is created:


Ah - OK - I was using the linuxserver one for the docker-based installs.


That said, I’ve looked into commiting changes and so it looks doable.

Their example standard usage is:

docker create
-v :/config
-v :/backups
-v :/source
-e PGID= -e PUID=
-p 8200:8200

where it appears the /config map is where the backup configs are stored, /backups appears to be a mapped drive path for destination if using “local” storage, and /source (you can easily map more than one) how the docker image gets access to the directory/directories being backed up.

• -p 8200 - the port(s)
• -v /config - path for duplicati config files
• -v /backups - path to store local backups
• -v /source - path to source for files to backup
• -e PGID for GroupID - see below for explanation
• -e PUID for UserID - see below for explanation

Turns out at least on synologies, you don’t have to specify the port if specifying the host network.

It’s running right now so I can either download yours and remap the drive paths, wait for them to update and initiate the same command I already use, or run the updater under and commit it as a new version (which may give me a fallback), since the config files should all stay the same, so that I don’t have to wait.

Thank you for the updates.