Update and new features

Good afternoon, I already use Duplicati in this version “Duplicati -”.
Will there be updates with new features for the system or will it die in that version? If there are new features and updates, do they have a schedule to be released or is everything uncertain?

Hello! is not the final version. Active development is ongoing. Several versions in the canary channel have already been released since

Is there a specific new feature you are looking for?

I’m using the canary chanel for my weekly backups for a couple of months now and the releases there seems to be rather stable

Features for were thought lower priority than fixes done for backup reliability.
There had not been such an improved Beta release since
14 months was unusually long. For awhile, Beta came out every nine months or so.

There was hope to release more often, but a release also needs worthwhile content
which needs volunteers (lots of ways to contribute, even in forum), who are too few.

I think there’s a wish to get out of Beta, so for that, reliability will probably remain key,
but sometimes people who are new contributers just show up to add new features…

Added a backend for Tardigrade.io, thanks @TopperDEL

There are several worthwhile fixes in Canary, but what’s enough is a judgment call…
Duplicati has a long history of limited future planning. Being all-volunteer doesn’t help.
A for-profit business would likely plan more, hire people, and negotiate the schedules.


shows what’s in Canary and will presumably be in Beta whenever it’s decided it’s time.

Unless a big rewrite goes in, the fixes usually outweigh new bugs, but one never knows.
There have definitely also been a few less serious bugs that got past automated testing.
Thanks for running Canary, and being part of the early real-world testing. It helps quality.

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Thanks for the feedback, how to update to the current version being used for “”, use debian as a server, I saw that there is a .deb package, but to install it it will keep me the same version

I’m not sure I got the question, but https://github.com/duplicati/duplicati/releases shows that it’s the latest. When another comes out, it will be there, and maybe in forum Releases, though the past few were not…

Duplicati will offer to update you to that, and you can use that to either install from .deb yourself, or allow autoupdater to do it for you by a different mechanism that’s a bit buggy - may need you to start Duplicati.

So I’m taking the question as referring to future updates, but if that’s not the question, please clarify some.


shows that there are 14 commits (above is an image, but real web site has clickable link) since
Eventually it will become worth a new Canary, but as with all releases, it’s not on a fixed release schedule.