Unraid Docker image run full

i increase the remote volume size to 40 GB. i dont want to have so much files.
But now i have the problem that my docker image file on my unraid server ist full (50 GB).
What can i do?



The fine manual advise that ‘Using volume sizes larger than 1gb usually gives slowdowns’ so I’d think that’s a reasonable value.

Please see Choosing sizes in Duplicati. Even 1 GB can be too large for some cases. Choose wisely.

The downside of using larger volumes are seen when restoring files. As Duplicati cannot read data from inside the volumes, it needs to download the entire remote volume before it can extract the desired data. If a file is split across many remote volumes, e.g. due to updates, this will require a large amount of downloads to extract the chunks.

How the restore process works

Agreed. 40GB is almost certainly a poor choice.

Setting that aside, Duplicati creates temp files (I think 4 at a time, by default) based on your volume size before uploading to your remote storage. If you reaaaaally wanted to use large volume sizes, you may need to map your temp location of the docker container so the data is instead written to a temp area of the host NAS instead.