Unlocking windows 10 aborts backup

I noticed that duplicati backup is aborted when I unlock windows 10 computer.
This happens when backup runs overnight and I unlock computer in the morning. It does not happen when I lock and unlock computer during the day. I had this problem few times before but did not know the exact moment this happened until I left task manager running with performance/ethernet graph running. It clearly showed that upload just dropped to almost zero as soon as I logged in.
It looks like a bug to me but maybe it is feature? If it is a feature can I turn it off?

Duplicati version is windows 10 pro 2004 update
Uploading to AWS S3

Is it possible your computer is going to sleep during the backup?

Sleep settings are set to “never”. Sleep was the first thing that I checked.
I noticed that task manager shows drop of upload speed from ~30Mbps to almost zero right after unlocking.
This abort happens when I leave PC running overnight. During the day I can lock and leave PC runing for several hours (3-4). When I unlock it duplicati keeps running fine. I also leave the default Edge browser showing duplicati page.

Yeah, I saw that in your original post, but if it went to sleep it would also have that effect - the data logging in Task Manager would freeze/stop while asleep.

This isn’t a 2-in-1 laptop is it?

No it is an old fashioned desktop with wired network.

Even if PC goes to sleep why duplicati does not continue backup after computer comes back from sleep?
I now usually reboot and start the same backup again but it now takes 4-6 hours just to get through the “Verifying backend data” step.

Very odd… I can’t think any reason why locking/unlocking should have any effect on Duplicati.

Can you leave your browser open to the Duplicati Live Log overnight? Go to About -> Show Log -> Live and set the dropdown to Verbose. When you unlock your computer in the morning at least you should see some timestamps that show what was recently happening.

Maybe backup of finished overnight but it looks stuck with “Waiting for upload to finish” message.

The last 4 lines in the “Live” log show this:

  • Sep 22, 2020 1:16 AM: CommitAfterUpload took 0:00:00:00.026
  • Sep 22, 2020 1:16 AM: Starting - CommitAfterUpload
  • Sep 22, 2020 1:16 AM: Backend event: Put - Completed: duplicati-20200921T174330Z.dlist.zip.aes (6.77 MB)
  • Sep 22, 2020 1:16 AM: Uploaded 6.77 MB in 00:00:01.6573754, 4.09 MB/s

I did not leave it overnight on that page so I am not sure if this log is useful at all. Is there any other log or event that could be observed? I also enabled “sleep unattended” setting and set it to never. Windows even log did not show any sleep events.

What verbosity setting?

I’d recommend you try that if you get a chance… leave a browser window open on the Live Log set to Verbose or higher.