Unintuitive behavior with hidden folders


Not sure if a feature request or a bug report - I am backing a folder which has a hidden sub-folder (one starting with a period ‘.’).

If I select the parent, the hidden folder is backed up as well. This I suppose is expected.

However, what was a little surprising is that when I expand the list of folders - the subfolder doesn’t show up. So if I deselect the parent and click all the subfolders then the hidden folder isn’t backed up.

This was a bit unintuitive and surprising since the sum of the size of parts (subfolders) isn’t equal to the size of parent.

I think the way to resolve is to show hidden folders in the listing of subfolders (or at minimum have tick box to allow the hidden to be shown)

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Duplicati already has that :slight_smile:

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Guess I am a blind dumbass :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the info.

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