"Unexpected difference in fileset" errors []

Yes it’s not always 0, although the new message seemed to be right on target to delete the very-old-version.

I’m not sure if my little test would have had more than one dblock to send, and I don’t know what it’s thinking.

This report got this error with a 5GB dblock-size and involved trying to get the backup stopped. I don’t know whether there’s also a test case that could be made on that. Throttling might allow test with a smaller dblock.

Duplicati on my PC generated the “Unexpected difference in fileset” error a few days after updating from a previous beta (non-canary) version to, after which I adjusted the “Excludes” as “default windows files” was no longer valid option - these were adjusted to exclude Hidden, System, and Temporary files.

My version of the error: Dec 16, 2018 9:55 AM: The operation Backup has failed with error: Unexpected difference in fileset version 0: 12/15/2018 3:55:00 PM (database id: 105), found 45015 entries, but expected 45016

I am no longer receiving the “Unexpected difference in fileset” error/warnings after deleting the related backup using the --version=0 qualifier as suggested in this or another post on the same topic. I did not run any database repair or re-create. @JonMikeIV - I made a copy of my local database before the repair and would be willing to provide it for use in troubleshooting the error.


Hello @Ambo_Bartok, welcome to the forum - and thanks for letting us know what resolved the issue for you!

I’m going to defer to @kenkendk on how useful the database copy could be for troubleshooting.

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I finally got around to trying to fix this. The delete command to remove the offending version worked fine for me. Backups now working properly on

Thanks everyone!