Unexpected difference in fileset during database recreate

The disk that stores the duplicati databases ran out of disk space. After resolving the disk space issues, I began getting errors on the backups so I tried to recreate the database.

When I try to recreate, I get this error: Unexpected difference in fileset 15, found 135249 entries, but expected 135251

Is there anything I can to do to repair that?

I am running Duplicati version

Not sure what has happened, but I would guess that you can simply delete backup version 15 and then move on.

There is no direct UI for removing a specific version, but you can use the commandline (there is a UI for that) where you can use the “delete” command with the argument “15” to remove it (you need to supply the --dbpath setting from the original backup, but you can remove the other options).

Am I doing this wrong?

mono ./Duplicati.CommandLine.exe --dbpath=<path to sqllite file> delete --version 15

It asks me for a encryption key and then just doesn’t return.