Unexepected bahavior when deleting a job

I do a “Configuration -> Delete”, then checking boxes to delete local and remote data: This only deletes remote data, but not (!) the local database
I do a “Configuration -> Database -> Delete”: this deletes the local DB, but then after trying to delete the Configuration, only the Config gets deleted, but not the remote data.
==> it seems there is no way to completely erase a configuration + all its related data (local and remote) in one step. Is this intended or did I miss something?

I don’t think you missed anything - I’ve created and deleted a number of test jobs and don’t recall ever having left over files in either config or destination.

I saw your post about manually deleting some destination files which is not something I’ve tried so it’s possible you’ve confused Duplicati in some way (if this is the same job).

Note that Duplicati should only be deleting the destination files it knows about, so if you’ve deleted your local database in one step then came back to delete the remote files later it may not delete everything at the destination.

But I don’t know why it wouldn’t delete the local database unless it was open in some other way.

Did you have any errors or warnings in the global or job logs?