Under 700 issues on github

We went under 700 open issues today, That’s cause for celebration! :slight_smile:


Awesome work!

Now, if we can just repeat that each month, we are done in no time :smile:

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And then we’ll never need to update the code again. Ever :smile:

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Woke up with roughly 100 mails from Github in my inbox … probably should change my settings :laughing:

But yes, really great work! Hope we can continue that trend, even if it might be at a slower pace in the future.

Might have been my fault they all came in at once… I don’t know exactly how many I closed, but I spent a good hour and a half in a row browsing old issues and closing resolved/irrelevant issues last night.

There were quite a lot that were really old configuration issues with no activity on them and no identified bugs.