UNC Destination Issue

I use a UNC path as my destination. When the regularly scheduled backup runs I get an error \SERVER\path\folder does not exist. If I open a file browser and go to \SERVER it works fine and then I can rerun the backup successfully. It seems to be an issue on one of my two clients. This happened before and after the Windows 1803 update (before and after HomeGroup).

Any ideas how to fix this?

Are you running Duplicati as a service or per-user tray-icon?

Also, do you have any values in the “Username” and “Password” fields of step 2 (Destination) when editing a job?

It could simply be that the authentication from within Duplicati is failing (maybe due to empty or wrong username/password values) but once you manually connect the authentication passes.

It was because user/pass were empty. The share is open, which makes that a confusing solution, but it works so I’m happy.