Unable to save edited backup sets - No reaction on Save button


I sometimes, but rather often meanwhile, I cannot save an edited backup set. Typically I add paths, click “next”, “next” and then there is no reaction on clicking “Save”. And it does not save the change. First I thought it is due to Adblock in Chrome, but it is not. Same happens in Firefox. But not always.
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Ideas? Thx

Have you seen the “Missing XSRF token” error when launching the web interface? I’ve noticed that when I see this error (more details in another forum post) that the drop down menus don’t populate correctly for advanced settings and I think I’ve seen it make the Save button unresponsive. Closing and reopening the web interface seems to resolve the issue so long as it launches without the “Missing XSRF token” error.

Haven’t had this happen to me enough to say it’s the cause for sure but thought it was worth mentioning.

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Yes XSRF token error message appears quite often…

Tapio, when I get the “Missing XSRF token” error my GUI does weird things too. It sounds like this error can be caused by locking on the backup files when running on lower end hardware. For example, I don’t have the problem on my physical machine, but it does happen when running on a virtual machine on the same hardware.

Is your hardware older / slower / constrained in any way (slow hard drive, low memory, etc.)?

No, it’s an “alright” machine. Core i7-2600k, 8GB of fast RAM, lots of SSD space, GTX970, quite decent for gaming.

Tapio, yeah - that sounds pretty good to me.

I recently got a spate of XSRF token errors on my laptop where I hadn’t previously gotten them at all. I wasn’t able to determine exactly why they were happening but I suspect a backup may have been running at the time which MIGHT have been causing concurrency issues. Do you happen to recal if a backup had been running when you ran into the issues?

@kenkendk, with how bad the user experience is related to these XSRF Token errors would it make sense to either update the message to include something like “refreshing this page should resolve the issue” or just making clicking “OK” automatically refresh the page?

The problem is that the refresh destroys whatever is typed. I think I can fix the issue with some locks in the session manager.