Unable to restore backups due to "No items to restore, please select one or more items"

I’m trying to restore my vm images, but I keep receiving this error despite selecting the backup I want to restore

No items to restore, please select one or more items 

I select the image I want to restore but I keep getting this error.

I’m using the duplicati docker image
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Zorgon, welcome to the forum!

I can’t be 100% of this as It is hard to tell from your screen shot since the popup caused the background to be dark. When you “selected” the item, did you click the small box to the left of the item such that a check mark shows up?

As I went to double check what you might be seeing, using my own environment, I noticed that it’s true that if you click the name of a file or folder in that list it highlights the name. That seems to indicate you have “selected” it as the warning suggests. However, that is not what you want. You need to click the little square boxes.

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Oh my… I didn’t realize it because I’m using a DarkMode browser plugin :sweat_smile:, so the checkmark doesn’t show up! Boy am I embarrassed…

Thanks for your help!

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No reason to be embarrassed, it was hard to see!