Unable to restore AppData local database

I use Windows 10. And

A few days ago I backed up AppData\Local\Duplicati content.

I installed Duplicati on a newly installed OS. Stopped it from running, then copied files back into this AppData\Local\Duplicati folder, start Duplicati. The previous backup configs were loaded, but I was unable to restore files, because i get this error message in red:

Listing prefixes is not supported without a local database, consider using the “repair” option to rebuild the database.

When trying to restore:

Failed to connect: unable to open database file

Some backups are in cloud, so this is very crucial for me as I have no other copy but just these files to regain access to cloud backup.

These are the files I have, which obviously also have sqlite db files and 500MB local database file.


The current config in Duplicati probably points to a DB path under a different username. The username is now different. How can I config duplicati, so it looks in the correct path for the database ?

This is resolved now.
Found there is a small Database button under the drop down of each backup where I could point to new user’s sqlite db locations.

Also, you could make this more user friendly (the red error message) by suggesting where exactly Database could be changed or repaired (Advanced > Database)