Unable to backup

I am getting this error. But nothing is taking up the process. Please help as soon as possible

You are posting a generic error message without any context. It is not really possible to help you with that. I’d suggest to export the job as command line and to execute it in a terminal window. If this does not bring you an explanation on what is happening, try to post a copy/paste of the complete terminal session.

“D:\Installed\Duplicati\Duplicati.CommandLine.exe” backup “od4b://chiragnahata-my.sharepoint.com/personal/backup_chiragnahata_ml/Documents//Computer Backup/Duplicati/D-Drive?auth-username=backup%40chiragnahata.ml” “D:\” --backup-name=“Duplicati D Drive Backup” --dbpath=“C:\Users\Chirag Nahata\AppData\Local\Duplicati\UFDJXTUQOG.sqlite” --encryption-module=aes --compression-module=zip --dblock-size=100MB --keep-time=1D --auto-cleanup=true --auto-compact-interval=1D --allow-sleep=true --auto-vacuum=true --force-actual-date=true --restore-permissions=true --zip-compression-level=9 --disable-module=console-password-input

Did you try to change or remove the passphrase? The goal was to see the original failure, not this.
You might also be able to do a GUI run with About → Show log → Live → Information, or Verbose.

As a guess, though --auto-cleanup=true can sometimes cause this sort of thing. Try a remove?


Thought fixed in Canary Oct 11, 2021 by

Create custom Exception for remote list verification failures #4520)

Reduced number of cases where database cleanup is triggered, thanks @warwickmm

but if you’re on you don’t have that fix yet.