Two Backups at once?

I have an initial backup of a large data set running from the GUI which will take many days to complete. In the mean time my daily backups of different data to different targets are not running.

Can I manually run these other backups from the command line?

As you noticed, the web UI engine only runs a single job at a time.

Using command line tools is one way around this. However, note that the command line tools are completely independent from the job configuration and status display in the web UI.

Personally I like the web UI display so I don’t run the command line tools. To avoid the issue you ran in to, I configure a new large backup job with just a subset of the data selected. I let that complete, then let the other jobs run, and then reconfigure the large backup job to include more of its data. Doing it in pieces like this helps other backup jobs still run and it also gives you opportunities to reboot your system for updates.

Hope this makes sense…

I want to add about another solution. You can use duplicati client. It’s very useful utility for it: GitHub - Pectojin/duplicati-client: A command line client for controlling the Duplicati Server

Better if one day it will be added to the main packages.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m surprised this works because it uses the same API the browser does.
There, you can ask another backup to run, but it won’t run until the first one finishes. Is client better?

No. I think it’s because each job monopoly use the main db. But with this client you can do it one by one.

Are you positive this works? I think the jobs just queue up and will still run serially.

I mean the same, but it’s useful in scripts instead of GUI.