Turn off Duplicati for One User Account in Windows 11

I have Duplicati installed on my Windows 11 computer for each user (I am not using Services in Windows). I want Duplicati to run the backup whenever I go into my user account, but I do not want Duplicati to open up in any other user account. Is there a way to set it up so it doesn’t load or run when the other user account is open, and only open and run when opened in my account?

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It’s just a shortcut. If you have it already you can probably move it. If you don’t, you can create it or copy the Duplicati shortcut from the desktop to your personal Start folder. The locations of these folders are given at:

Add an app to the available options (Microsoft)

Installing Duplicati on Windows shows the Launch Duplicati at startup option that adds it to all users.

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Sorry for the late response, as I was out of town. I appreciate your help, and I was able to set it up correctly with this information. Thank you.