Trying to restore to a new computer 6 years later and get SQL Logic Error No such table - Log Data

Hi All,

I used Duplicati about 6 years ago to backup 3 servers which I still have the files. I have now installed version 2 and I am trying to restore the backups to my machine. I have the files copied locally and I am now using Windows but the original backup was completed in Linux.

When I choose the Restore > Direct restore from backup files I connect to the folder and then enter the encryption passphrase. When I do I get an error saying “No file sets found on the remote target” and when I click on the details I get “Failed to connect: SQL logic error no such table: LogData”.

I saw on a post that if this was the case I may need to rebuild a temp database to make this work but I couldnt find any details on how to deal with this.

Apologies is this is a common topic but I couldnt find anything describing how to resolve this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

If those backups were created by Duplicati 1.3.4, you cannot restore using Duplicati 2. Duplicati 2 uses an entirely new backup engine and methodology.

You’ll need to download version 1.3.4 to restore from those backup files.

Are you sure you weren’t on a very early pre-Beta version 2 then? Look on your destination. If you see files having names containing dblock, dindex, and dlist, that’s probably 2.Your message sounds like lack of dlist files. If there are truly none, and you don’t have the old database, then your backup isn’t recoverable because it never finished. The dlist file has a date in its file name, and says what files are in that backup.

If you do the described destination file inspection, and find no sign of such files, then it might be 1.3.4.
Download link is on the cited page, however there are reports of trouble running it on newer systems.
1.3.4 is a 2013 release and is unsupported. If it looks like it was Duplicati 2 then there’s better hope…