TrueNAS Setup - can't see any files in web UI

BLUF: files not showing in web interface.

Background: Alright, I know this is the 1000th TrueNAS post and I’ve went through pretty much all of them to no avail. So please bear with me here.

I installed the community plugin.
Created a user and group with appropriate UID and GID to match what duplicati created.
Edited my mountpoints.
Edited the conf file rc.d/duplicati
Edited the permissions of the two datasets adding the duplicati user/group.
I can see everything in the jail just fine. But when i load up the management page, none of the subdirectories show. I selected the parent directory one of my datasets is mounted under and ran a backup to see if maybe it just wasn’t showing the subdirectories in the management interface, but got like 26kb of backups.

Any ideas why this would be happening? I assumed if I could access everything in the jail’s shell, I should be able to see it in the management interface.

Pools → datasets → permissions → add www with recursive permissions fixed it.

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Welcome to the forum - and I appreciate you following up with your solution! This information will hopefully help out other TrueNAS users in the future.