Tray Indicates Error - Error is from ages ago


The Tray icon shows a yellow warning for Duplicati:
Windows 10
Duplicati: v2.0.5.114_canary_2021-03-10

When looking at the error log, there is indeed an error there from like… the very first time I loaded up Duplicati. Since then, I’ve run many backups, etc. No issues. But this ALWAYS indicates an error, and the error is ‘seen’.

This may seem small, but when Duplicati is running in the background I expect it to indicate something when I NEED to go check out a real issue. This prevents that passive indication.

I’ve looked into resetting the log, but no luck.

Welcome to the forum @brendan

Viewing the log files of a backup job is usually the right place to look for warning information, and usually there’s a popup message offering to show it to you – even if error is actually in the server log you’re in…

Are you getting any popup warnings? The notifications are dismissable. Logs are logs. They’re a record. Please look through backup job logs to see which ones logged warnings. This is highlighted with yelllow.


Interface blocked by hundreds of old warnings, “Dismiss all” does not work is what yellow warnings look like (when you have way too many). Popup notifications should be individually or all-at-once dismissable.

Below is what the backup log (not the server) log looked like after I induced some warnings (see yellow):



Thank you very much for your reply. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I found the culprit.

So yes, I found that one backup task, in that log, showed an old entry.
I thought to myself, how to acknowledge this then?

Then I re-read your message… “Are you getting any popup warnings? The notifications are dismissable.”

I have on my system. I whitelisted this site…

After a refresh of the page, at the bottom of the screen, a big pop-up with the error did show. So apparently my PopUpOFF was preventing this from being seen since day one… Oops. :smiley:

Appreciate your time and message @ts678.



One limitation with the ones on the Duplicati web page is that you don’t always have the page visible.
There should also be dismissable notifications sent to Windows 10 notification area if you allow that.

Reporting options also exist. Third party tools such as Duplicati Monitoring and dupReport add more.