Translation contribution test?

Hello. I recently started a translation contribution.
I would like to see how the translation contributed by transifex actually looks.
How can I check?

It requires some manual work, as you need to get the PO files compiled.

If you want to pull it from Transifex, you can use this tool (just add the language):

After pulling the files, they will be placed in the duplicati and webroot folders.
You then need to compile them, using this tool:

If you are not compiling the project from source, you need to put the compiled .js file into the the webroot folder, and the .mo file into the folder as well.
If you have installed updates, the updater will use the updated version instead of the installed version. If this is the case, remove the updates and install the version you want to use. You cannot put files into the update folder, as Duplicati will refuse to use the updates if you modify the folder.