Transfer backup files between different remotes

I moved my backup zips from backblaze b2 to gdrive and I imported the B2 backup from file, changed its name, and changed/configured the gdrive remote. When I delete and repair the database on the new job I receive the following error:

Is what i’m trying to do supported or do I have to re-upload everything again? I’m just moving all the backup files from one remote to another and then trying to re-build the db so it can be backed up to again.

I have relocated back end data from one cloud storage provider to another… (in my case from S3 to B2) … and all I did after finishing that was to change the destination detail on the backup job. I didn’t delete or repair the local database at all. Worked fine for me.

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Ah okay so you didn’t create a new job for the new remote, you just edited the original? I didn’t think of trying that, I was just trying to be safe to keep my original where it’s at. I’ll edit the original and report back.

Verifying backend data now, thanks for the help!

Yep just edited the existing job. Sounds like it worked for you!

That’s a perfectly valid consideration - if you do this again maybe exporting the original job to a text file would be “safe enough”.