Total disaster: Duplicati stopped working, don't know how to solve

I’m not a software engineer, so please bear with me, if I’m not clear.

Windows 10 64bit

Suddently Duplicated stopped performing local backup with the following error:

Unexpected difference in fileset version 169: 11/04/2019 17:47:44 (database id: 47), found 7059 entries, but expected 7174

I tried repairing DB, but I got:

Duplicati.Library.Interface.UserInformationException: The database was attempted repaired, but the repair did not complete. This database may be incomplete and the backup process cannot continue. You may delete the local database and attempt to repair it again.
   in Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler.<RunAsync>d__19.MoveNext()

Then I deleted DB e started a repair and it took forever (after 4 days it was still processing)
Then I stopped the repair, and tried to install canary.
No result. Duplicati is now unable to start. No error messages. Just nothing. I click on it in the windows start menu, and nothing happens.

Thank you!

Was that with the GUI updater, or the .msi installer? If the .msi, did you uninstall the old Duplicati first?

Do you know what canary you took? If you’re not sure, see C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\changelog.txt

If you got or, you want this one:


Fixed failure on password-protected servers introduced in, thanks @warwickmm

and if you already have that version, then more debugging will be needed to see how far startup gets…

Windows 10 v1903: Tray app does not launch from Start Menu link after update to v2.0.4.32- were troubleshooting ideas before password bug was isolated.

I solved a similar issue by running a delete command (from the guy, advanced > commandline > choose “delete” as command and input “–version=169” as commandline arguments > “run delete command now”). Then wait hopefully.

Yes, version delete is the usual thing to try for “Unexpected difference in fileset”. It sometimes works. Problem here may be the database total deletion. I don’t know if there’s a backup copy to do that on.