Time Zones Processing is WRONG

I have a work computer on Duplicati so I set its backup to run evenings after every work day.

The way Duplicati presents times as local but processes them only as UTC has led to the situation you see in the attached screenshot

Because my backup time is 20:02 in Eastern Time, and we are currently on -4 due to DST, you see that my days are knocked off by one. We backed up Thursday but will not back up again until Sunday. Because 20:02 Friday here is Saturday in UTC, and 20:02 Sunday here will be Monday in UTC.

I get that this seems like a small thing but the inconsistency, especially presenting local times but continuing to process as if UTC, can lead to real screw-ups.

Use local time when checking if day is allowed #3528 fixed this in canary last December. I assume you’re on the November beta. Next beta date is unknown. You can put canary on a test system if you want to try the fix (and experience newly added bugs), but downgrading to beta may not be possible due to DB work.

It’s possible to work around this bug (if one knows it), but workaround needs removal when fix is installed. Presumably the beta will release-note this, although I think the canary release note got stated confusingly:

Fixed scheduler checking allowed days in local timezone, thanks @LacunaSoftware

It’s unclear whether “checking” is the bug or fix. Bug is checking in UTC. Fix is to check in local timezone.

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Thanks for this. I am not enthusiastic about a canary so I will do the obvs workaround: allow T,W,Th,F,Sa until the next beta hits. OR move my backup time back to 19:58. :grinning: