Throttle translation is inversed in French

Upload should be translated as ‘téléversement’ and download as ‘téléchargement’
i.e. the reverse to the current translation.
Hope that helps and thanks for this great piece of software that I use in combination with Backblaze

Thanks for the tip!

I don’t know French well enough to confirm what should go where so don’t personally feel confident about making the change myself…how would you feel about doing it for us? :wink:

If you had a GitHub account you could actually make the change directly on the website - it looks like one (maybe two) files would be affected.

I’m seeing “téléversement” used 4 times & “téléchargement” twice in the localizatoin-fr.po file and “téléversement” 3 times & “téléchargement” 5 times in the localization_webroot-fr.po file.

Does it look to you like ALL uses of the two words should be “flipped” or only some of them?

Actually I think they’re generated from duplicati localization at Transifex.

Nuts - I vaguely remember being told that at some point so I think you are correct.

Sorry about that @tugdualenligne - I should have gotten somebody who has actually worked with translations in here sooner. :blush:

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Hi gents, I can check and complete translations in French for Duplicati. No problem. I’ll be in holidays in a few days so should be able to find some time :wink:
I understand I should use Transifex for doing that. If not, I’ll look into the files you mentionned JonMikelV, and I’ll check which ones should be ‘reversed’ or not.

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I have made dozens of corrections on both translation and typos in what was already translated and what was not translated. There are more than 400+ texts not translated as yet in French. Is all of this used by the current version of the software, or is there a way to identify what is deprecated so that we don’t translate text that is not used anymore?

Thanks for all the help!

I don’t do translations myself but maybe @Niels_Hoogenhout, @ssantos, or @tacioandrade can help.

There’s also a translations page mentioned here, though I haven’t read it myself yet:

A pity, if it was in Spanish or Portuguese would be happy to help translate, but French know absolutely nothing. :sob:

I may be wrong, but I think @tugdualenligne can handle the French and just wants to make sure all 400+ not-yet-French-translated items are really used somewhere.

I don’t know anything about translations and Transifex so didn’t really know where to go with it. :blush:

Danish has 400+ untranslated items too but I have to admit I’m hesitant to translate that much as well if it’s not used :smile: