The program stopped working

The Windows Server 2008R2 system. Such an error occurs when logging in to the system by any user, even an administrator, even an ordinary user. What to do?

Имя события проблемы: CLR20r3
Сигнатура проблемы 01: Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe
Сигнатура проблемы 02:
Сигнатура проблемы 03: 60cb15ba
Сигнатура проблемы 04: Duplicati.Server
Сигнатура проблемы 05:
Сигнатура проблемы 06: 60cb15b9
Сигнатура проблемы 07: 18e
Сигнатура проблемы 08: 30c
Сигнатура проблемы 09: System.Exception
Версия ОС: 6.1.7601.
Код языка: 1049
Дополнительные сведения 1: 8e08
Дополнительные сведения 2: 8e082f075f1ab2bfd6d517e78cb8c06c
Дополнительные сведения 3: e991
Дополнительные сведения 4: e991ab9fc51350bdd2607d182392d300

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What versions of the .NET framework do you have installed?

4.8 version net frameworks

Ok, that’s good. Was Duplicati working before and it suddenly started crashing? Or is this the first time you’ve installed Duplicati and tried using it?

I installed it for a week, I didn’t use it before.

I searched the forum and see someone else had the a similar issue with Russian language Windows 2008 R2. I don’t know if they figured it out. I don’t have any ideas at the moment.

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Is it possible for the program to work without Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe?

Sure, you can run it as a service instead of a user mode process:

If you do this and you want to stop running the user mode process, remember to take Duplicati out of the Startup folder.

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I installed it as a service from the very beginning