The backup stop. Duplicati shows 0 bytes to finish but never ends

The backup starts fine but when it reaches 0 bytes to finish it hangs. Duplicati is running on windows Server 2016, destination is a local folder.


can you post a screenshot of the Live Log at ‘verbose’ level when Duplicati ‘hangs’ ? Post also the current time when the screenshot was done.


Live Log at ‘verbose’ doesn´t show anything, only in profilling show logs

UPDATE: I reduced the size of the backup to 171 gb and the process finally finished after 5:38 hours. How can I optimize the process time since the real size of the backup is 800 GB.

How did you do that without stopping backup? Is there a manual stop or kill anywhere in this history?

Is this the initial backup? Later ones will naturally run faster, as only changed date must be uploaded.

You should probably also be using blocksize of 1 MB or more for this slightly big backup from its start.

usn-policy can sometimes speed up scanning for changed files, but it requires administrator privilege.
One way to do that is to install as a Windows service, but then the TrayIcon setup must be different…