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I’m getting the System.IO.FileNotFoundException error on a TEMP file in the Windows\Temp directory.
Some temp files are in there and already processed, but after approx 15 minutes I’m getting these error.
There is no CCcleaner, Norton cleaner, or other Software like this running.

Below the system and backup details:

  • Windows Server 2016 (November Updates)
  • Duplicati -
  • Backup to Office 365 Business Premium SharePoint site (Type SharePoint v2 > test successful)
  • AES-256 Bit encryption enabled
  • Backup Size ~ 5GB
  • Remote-Volume-Size: 256GB
  • Upload speed ~ 500kbit/s (Full Backup should be done in about 24h)
  • 24 Uploaded Files with 0kB

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P.S: Error Logs are attachedError (1.7 KB)

What antimalware software are you using? On my work system, the antimalware software sometimes misidentifies a duplicati temp file as malware (very rarely but it does happen). Maybe the same is happening in your case?

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Hi, thanks for the warm welcome!

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is used.
All Logs clear, no files deleted or quarantined.

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How often do you experience this problem? If it is consistent, can you try disabling SEP temporarily just to confirm that it’s not the source of the problem?

It’s a new Installation, the backup has never run correctly.
SEP disabling had no effect this night for the backup task > same error…

I looked also in the windows\temp dir and found 12 dup-xxxxx files correspondingly to the backup task this night. It should be about 19. The missing file listed in the log also wasn’t there.