Synology SynoCommunity package?

There seems to be a fair amount of interest in running Duplicati on Synology devices and a question from @Brano got me wondering if there are any technical reasons why we couldn’t add a SynoCommunity package as part of the build output?

Apparently the package would need to be pushed to the repo, but that is able to be automated (or so I’m told).

I don’t know what all can be set up in a Synology package, but the minimum results is we’d be more visible and step 2 of How to install Duplicati on Synology / DSM would be simplified.

The best result is steps 1 (mono install) and 3 (add user to http group) could also be part of he package, hopefully meaning less need for people to have to come to the forum just to get it to work.


The packages are already built on github, all it really needs is to push them to the SynoCommunity repo. This way Synology users can use the repo and auto-update the packages easily.

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So we’d push “canary”, “experimental”, “beta”, and eventually “stable” builds in some way so people can auto-update the package within a path?