Suspend Scheduled Backups for All Tasks

I have quite a few scheduled backups (will probably consolidate in the future) and I need to suspend the scheduled tasks in instances where I have low bandwidth wifi.

Duplicati runs at startup.

It would be problematic to constantly change each backup task.

Other than disabling the Duplicati startup altogether, is there a global setting to suspend all backup schedules?

Thanks in advance…

Yes, there is a global pause option next to the main status bar:


Right there, staring me in the face…

Thx so much!

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Clicking on the Tray Icon (if you have one) also allows Pause (but not with all the settings) and Resume.

The pause button only works for the current session. After rebooting, it goes right back to processing tasks.

It seems that my only alternative is to drop Duplicati from the Win startup list and manually start it.

Settings in Duplicati

When you want it to Resume, use one of the two Resume methods – whichever one is more convenient.

It’s the wifi, and not the Internet link? It used to be that the Internet was the bottleneck, but getting less so.

There are network-based methods (sometimes needing software, sometimes equipment configurations) that can either deprioritize backup data or slow it down based on a schedule (if overloaded time is known.

I just want it to stay paused until I manually re-activate it. IDK, maybe the best approach is to simply take it out of the windows start queue.

You could do what the manual and I suggested to have it start but in Pause until Resume, or start itlater.
Your choice. Note that the Settings method pauses on both start and wake. That might sway the choice.

Can I ask, if I want to keep the tasks scheduled, but delete duplicati from the win startup queue, which exe’s do I need to start the server?

  • Duplicati.Server.exe?
  • Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe?

Tried both of the above, but the client is still showing “connecting to server”…

Either, but by default people with a GUI enjoy the convenience of TrayIcon which contains its own server.

What did you change since

Is that a hypothetical or is it already deleted? If deleted, that explains lack of connection.

OK, thx. will go w/ trayIcon.

Don’t understand your last question - but I already dropped duplicati from the startup q and will manually start then server whenever I need to run a backup…