Supportability of Newer MacOS

I’m running MacOS Ventura currently with Duplicati I had previously been running earlier versions of MacOS with no issues. About 4 months ago I upgraded to Monterey, and it appears that Duplicati stopped starting on its own, and the tray icon never showed up. I had not run backups since then, and my extra storage drive crashed. Something happened in between then and now, and I wasn’t able to restore using the local db. I got my files back eventually - that post is on this thread:

This leads me to the question about supportability in the newer versions of MacOS. I was able to use this thread to start it up again, and I can set it to auto-start, but I had concerns that I couldn’t safely use the app on the newer versions or I could potentially have issues. Some solutions are discussed in the above thread, but nothing about the menu bar. Maybe it’s a moot point because apparently I didn’t notice the menu icon missing for the past 4 months anyways, but my question is more geared toward other things that could potentially stop working.

I think that several Releases topics before this still describe the general situation, e.g.

Was worried due to the lack of releases

It’s not macOS specific, but things that have or may stop working are hard to get fixed.
Canary builds have gotten some fixes past, but Canary is risky for general use.

Please read the solution below. You can also search the topic, or post for a clarification.

(although above should have said 12.3 I think)

macOS Monterey 12.3 Release Notes See Python section. 2.7 was removed, but 3 was not added.
Community contributed solutions are adding 2.7, adapting to 3 then adding 3, or bypassing Python:

Make Xamarin-based CocoaRunner the default on Mac #4802. Please follow up at the link you cite.
Skilled volunteers are who can move the above pull request (or pretty much anything else) forward.

Ideally, “could potentially stop working” needs an advance team keeping an eye on macOS’ futures.
They should be developers who follow macOS, and they are even scarcer than general developers.

Duplicati only exists and improves thanks to volunteers in all areas. Please volunteer when you can.

Even more shady then the canary is the dmg on Missing file · tsuckow/duplicati@83cc356 · GitHub

(Gotta be logged into GitHub to download)

I don’t actually have a Mac to test on so I rented an m1 mini on the other side of the planet to test it. It’s a real pain but if I recall correctly it did run and the tray icon appeared, though I think it also shows up in the app bar.

It’s running .net6 with Avalonia for the GUI, doesn’t support encrypted SQLite. Might eat your neighbors homework.

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This very early work, though, does connect to the topic title and much more, per Introducing .NET 5

There will be just one .NET going forward, and you will be able to use it to target Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS and WebAssembly and more.

Microsoft’s 2019 announcement means that newer macOS and others may be impacted as support declines for .NET Framework (Windows) and mono (its equivalent for anything other than Windows).

This big announcement got very wide publicity. You know it’s coming, but it needs changes to code. Multiple people have contributed there, but the mentioned work is probably the latest forward push.

Scripting Language Runtimes from macOS Catalina 10.15 announced this in 2019. Nobody noticed. What’s needed for supportability of newer anything is noticing and responding, ideally beforehand…

Thanks to all who contribute. Duplicati only exists and improves thanks to the work of its volunteers.